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Congratulations and Welcome

Your Starter Kit isn’t just full of fantastic products. It’s full of potential, like more income, the use of a Career Car and exotic trips. You'll find your Kit full of great reference guides.  It will be packed with the must-know information to get your business off to a beautiful start! You'll learn essential skills to help you start earning money right away!

Below are Steps to help you get a great Jump Start on your journey.  We are here to support you and your dreams!

Step 1 - Beat the Box


Download the Great Start App

1.  Go to to sign in with your consultant #  and set up your password

2.  Create your contact list of 30-50 people

3.  Set up your Personal Website

4.  Call or email me to set up your Business Planning Appointment 

Terry's Email:

Terry's Cell/ Text: (815)216-6097

**you will occasionally get informative info from this number.

5.  Join our Facebook Private group to get the latest news, upcoming events, recognition and training.  CLICK HERE to join our Facebook Group. Then click on the JOIN Button, you may be automatically added or it may accept you but take a bit to accept your request.  It changes often!

6.  Open the Ready, Set, Sell Brochure and watch the Video Below.

Earn your SURPRISE GIFT when you complete these steps within 72 hours & hold your original Business Planning Appointment!  

Inv Discussion 5.png

Step 2 - Get Down to Business

1.  Hold our Business Planning Appointment

2.  Send me a picture of your beautiful face so you can be recognized for your achievements

3.  Book your Debut or 3 Parties

4.  Order your Business Cards

5.  Open a FREE personal Checking Account

6.  Set up your Pro Pay Account through

7.  Sell 25 items in 7 days - Tracking Sheet

Step 3 - Your Future is Bright

Earn your MYSTERY PRIZE when you complete all the steps in the MKU!


Educational, Inspirational, Interactive
MK University - taking you to the next level.

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